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Clamshell Die Cutter Repair

Your one-stop service experts.

Have an old Thomson that needs parts? We’re your source. A brand new clamshell you want tweaked? Sure. Looking for a specific service, like a Minster Clutch repair? We do that too.

Whether you need minor repairs or a complete press rebuild, our experienced technicians will get you back in production with as little downtime as possible.

In fact, we’ll be in and out of your plant two to three times faster than your local mechanic. That’s because we know clamshell platen presses inside and out, plus we understand die cutting and die cutting processes. It’s an invaluable combination that saves you time and money.

Nationwide Parts and Services Clamshell Die Cutter Repair

All the services you need…

  • Phone diagnosis: Our up-front evaluation saves you an extra plant trip and downtime.
  • On-site press assessment: Our technicians identify both current and potential issues.
  • OEM service: We’ll rebuild and restore your platen die cutter to OEM specifications.
  • Clamshell parts: We provide OEM or high-quality aftermarket parts.
  • In-plant service: No need to ship to the factory. We handle all major repairs, including removing the bridge, main gears, air clutch and more.
  • Preventive maintenance: Our annual and semi-annual agreements come with detailed reports.
  • Brands we service: •Crest •Thomson •Cauhe •Standard •Brausse •IT&M •Imperia •Preco •Titan •Yawa •Saroglia …plus more
  • Training and tips. Die making, steel rule die cutting, embossing, foil stamping and new technology like the Soft Cut™ System – we understand the processes and can help improve your productivity.
  • Safety updates. We’ll install the latest updates.
  • New/used die cutting equipment. If you’re in the market, we can help you find the die cutter you need.

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Nationwide Parts and Services Clamshell Die Cutter Repair


Nationwide Parts and Services Clamshell Die Cutter Repair


What is a hot stamping press?

A hot stamping press is a machine used for printing or decorating various materials such as paper, leather, plastic, and fabric. This type of press uses heat and pressure to transfer a metallic or pigment foil onto the surface of the material. The foil is usually pre-printed with a design or logo. Hot stamping presses are commonly used in the manufacturing of items such as book covers, labels, packaging, automotive parts, and fashion accessories.

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What is a metal stamping press?

A metal stamping press is a machine used in the manufacturing industry to shape and cut metal into a desired form. The press applies force to a set of dies that are designed to create an indentation, cut, or other shape in the metal. This process is commonly used to create components for various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Metal stamping presses come in a range of sizes and capacities, from small manual machines to large automated presses capable of producing high volumes of parts quickly.

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What is a clamshell die cutting machine?

A clamshell die cutting machine is a machine used to cut various materials, typically paper or cardstock, into specific shapes and sizes. It gets its name because the two halves of the machine open and close like a clamshell, with the die (a shaped blade) and the material being cut placed in between the two halves. When the machine is activated, the two halves come together, pressing the die onto the material and cutting it into the desired shape. Clamshell die cutting machines are commonly used in the manufacturing and crafting industries.

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